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Fees and Services

Our Atlanta Acupuncture Clinic is located in Atlanta Georgia

Full payment is expected at the time of service. We accept all major credit cards.

We do not bill for insurance. If you have insurance that covers acupuncture (you will need to call your insurance company to determine this), we will provide you an invoice with diagnostic and treatment codes so that you may file your own insurance claim.


Your private acupuncture treatment is scheduled one-on-one with a trained, licensed practitioner. We have 4 acupuncturists on staff, available Monday through Saturday.

Fee for visit with the staff practitioners:

Initial visit with consultation: $120
Follow-up visits: $80

Fee for visit with Clinic Director:

Initial visit with consultation: $150
Follow-up visits: $100


Your acupuncturist may recommend Herbs/Supplements  for your visit. These vary in cost.

Community Acupuncture

We also offer a low-cost, group setting acupuncture. To read more about this service click here.



Maureen Vellia can be reached at: (404) 816 – 4401

Ed Frey can be reached at: (404) 375-2109


Fertility Program

To read more about fees on this click here.

We ask a couple to allocate six to nine months for the Fertility Program.

For those who cannot visit our Acupuncture Atlanta clinic in Georgia,  we offer an online program at Fertility Now.

Other Information