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Anti-Aging Tonics

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Herbal formulas are a foundation of Chinese medicine. Many of the formulas we use in the clinic have been around for over a thousand year and have a high degree of clinical efficacy The herbal formulas we use in the anti-aging program are classified as tonics in Chinese medicine.
Tonics promote a long, healthy, vibrant and happy life without any unwanted side effects, even when taken over a long period of time. Essentially, the tonics are wonderful, healthful “super-food” which benefit our well being in ways that more common foods cannot. Moreover, they have a protective, balancing, vitalizing quality beyond that of any other herbs. They are generally consumed as a supplement to a well-balanced healthy diet for the purpose of completing our nutritional needs. Thousands of years of experience has taught that regular consumption of the tonics can and will provide a type of nutrition that is truly empowering.
There are six categories of tonic: Jing tonic, Yin tonics, Yang Tonics, Qi tonics, Blood tonics and Shen tonics.
  • Jing Tonics are used to replace spent energy and to build up large reserves for future use. Jing is closely associated with our genetic material and is responsible for cellular replication. Thus Jing is associated with regeneration, rejuvenation and the preservation of life. These tonics consist of special tonic herbs that fortify Jing.
  • Yin Tonics nourish the fluids of the body. Yin energy is generally condensed and stored in all of the tissues of the body, but most extensively in the major solid organs, and most particularly in the reproductive organs, the brain, the adrenal glands, the ears, the hair on the head, the skeleton, the teeth and the bone marrow. Yin tonics nurture these organs and functions.The Yin tonics are usually associated with the preservation of life and many of them are considered in the Orient to be the most important “anti-aging, longevity herbs.”
  • Yang Tonics are the power herbs of Chinese herbalism, and like the Yin tonics, primarily affect the function of the Kidneys. Yang tonics have a “warm” or “hot” energy. They are believed in China to help build will power, courage, mental creativity and the ability to manifest one’s ideas. Certain Yang tonic herbs strengthen sexual function and the sexual drive.All Yang tonics build strength and are thus favorites of athletes. Yang herbs are also used to stimulate metabolism, build muscle and reduce body fat. They strengthen bone, and are especially renowned for helping to strengthen the back (particularly the lower back), knees and joints.
  • Qi Tonics increase the amount, and improve the quality, of our energy and blood. This increase in energy and blood results in an overall increase in physical and mental vitality.
  • Blood Tonics nourish the blood and help the body to utilize nutrients so as to function optimally. They help build muscle and increase energy. Blood nourishes all the tissues of the body and provides the key means of distribution of nutrients, hormones and immune cells throughout the body.Blood tonics also benefit the quality and beauty of the skin. Women, who are often deficient in blood, benefit greatly by regularly consuming blood tonics. Some blood tonic herbs also have “blood vitalizing” activity, improving blood circulation.
  • Shen Tonics allow for the development of Shen, our Spirit. There are two qualities of Shen tonic herbs: Shen “stabilizing” and Shen “developing”. The Shen stabilizing tonics calm and stabilize the emotions so that Shen (our higher-self) can develop and rule our lives. The Shen developing tonics cause the Shen to rise up and to become prominent in our experience. The emotions are thus allowed to play themselves out, but not to dominate our lives and become obsessions or even addictions. In general, all Shen tonics have both Shen stabilizing and Shen developing qualities, to varying degrees.Shen tonics have been used by the great sages of the Orient to help in their quest for enlightenment and harmony with God, Nature and all of Mankind