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Telephone Consultation

The Acpuncture Atlanta Clinic is located in Atlanta Georgia

Acupuncture Atlanta receives calls from women and men across the county requesting information on our fertilty enhancement program. They come from every walk of life, in almost every state of the country. But one thing stays the same – the sadness, anger and frustration they feel. They come to Acupuncture Atlanta after having spent $15,000 to 20,000 to have yet another doctor advise them to consider donor eggs or adoption.

If you do not live in Atlanta it doesn’t prohibit us from working together anymore. We do not care if you live in Los Angeles or London. You now have effective options accessible to you no matter where you live. A comprehensive Telephone Consultation and personalized 3 month herbal plan designed specifically to increase and enhance your chances of conceiving is now available for you. 

Program Details

The initial cost: $590 total coverng:
  • Diagnostic Evaluation: $150.00
  • Series of 4 half hour phone sessions: $240.00
  • Three months of Herbs: $200.00
Renewal: $450 for 4 additional calls plus 3 months of herbs.
Diagnostic Evaluation is 1-1/2 hours: It starts with an extensive health assessment to learn and understand your health history, family history, lifestyle habits, symptoms, gynecological history, and previous diagnoses. At the diagnostic evaluation, you will supply us (by email) with your basal body temperature. At the end of the evaluation, we will prescribe a herbal formula which is included in the telephone consultation.
Series of 4 half hour sessions: We will meet by phone twice a month and you will have updated us by email with your basal body temperature. During this time we will discuss changes in symptoms, menstrual cycles and we may modify the herbal formula.
The four phone calls can be scheduled at various intervals, but the series of calls must be completed within four months after the initial consult. Calls not completed within four months will be forfeited and additional consults will require renewal.
Additional Cost: During the initial interview we may feel that additional saliva hormonal panels may be helpful to clarify your issue. For instance if you have chronic sinus congestion, we may suggest a food sensitivity panel to determine if you have an immune response to dairy or wheat. Chronic inflammation will affect your ability to conceive.
To enroll for a Telephone Consultation, please register thru our online store to begin the process and download our patient forms or e-mail Warren Cargal if you have additional questions.