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We specialize in:

  • Pain Management
  • Women’s Health Issues
  • Infertility
  • Stress and Chronic Illness
  • Sports Injuries
  • Child Learning Disabilities
  • Anti-Aging.
Atlanta Georgia

We offer a holistic approach to treatment using Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) compatible with Western medical regimes. We know that all medical systems have both strengths and weaknesses. By integrating the strengths of more than one system into our treatments, we can achieve better clinical outcomes and improve your health beyond what any one method could do.

It is our experience that acupuncture and herbal medicines promote optimal health, boost energy and restore harmony to people experiencing physical imbalances from the everyday rigors of modern life.

Why Choose Acupuncture Atlanta?

  • 3 State Licensed Acupuncturists on staff for convenient appointments
  • Over 10 years of service to the Atlanta Metro Area
  • Extensive knowledge of herbal formulas, supplements, teas & skin care

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Women's Health

We offer treatment for:

■ period pain
■ endometriosis
■ amenorrhea
■ uterine bleeding
■ uterine fibroids
■ ovarian cysts
■ premenstrual syndrome
■ mood swings
■ hormonal migraines
■ irregular periods

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We help couples facing fertility challenges using a unique combination of:

■ Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)
■ Acupuncture
■ Chinese Herbs
■ Saliva Tests
■ Urine Tests

to reveal and treat functional imbalances in nutritional and hormonal levels.

Learning Disorders

We help all kinds of learning difficulties for children and adults:

■ Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)
■ Hyperactivity
■ Dyslexia
■ Poor Coorindation
■ Autism

Our approach enhances learning abilities and improves reading, reading comprehension, spelling and co-ordination.


We offer personalized Anti-Aging programs that includes:

■ Hormone Balancing
■ Diet Adjustments
■ Tailored Supplements
■ Energy metabolic tune-up
■ Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture

A personalized and realistic anti-aging skin therapy regimen will be developed that is specific to your needs.

Pain Management

We use acupuncture and Chinese herbs to treat:

■ acute or chronic pain
■ sports injuries
■ elbow pain
■ shoulder pain
■ back pain

Acupuncture releases endorphins which along with Chinese herbs reduce inflammation and increase circulation.

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Hair Health: Strong and Long Locks

February 9, 2017 – 12:37 pm | 165 views
Long hair

When I was younger I had extremely thick, frizzy, and slightly wavy hair. As I matured, I discovered the wonderful invention that is the hair straightener, I got a little carried away with it however. I would straighten my hair frequently to keep up with the pin straight hair trend that was going on at the time. As I got older my hair became noticeably thinner and felt less heavy. All those years of straightening my hair two to three times a week were catching up with me! I started taking better care of my hair and putting castor oil in it as a deep conditioning treatment. Castor oil grows hair thicker, longer, and stronger. Then I found out about a few herbs and supplements we carry at Acupuncture Atlanta, specifically for hair and nails.

RegeneMax Plus by Xymogen is a must have product for anyone who has brittle nails and thinning hair. This incredible product thickens and strengthens hair, strengthens nails, and supports healthy bone mineral density as well has bone flexibility. It also contains collagen which is great for reducing wrinkles. RegeneMax Plus should be incorporated into an anti-aging routine, if you have one.

Shou Wu by Seven Forests is another beneficial Chinese herb for hair. It tackles graying hair as well as promotes hair growth. The story behind this Chinese herb is magnificent. There once was a Chinese man who had a fight with his wife so he left and went to go live in a mountain for years and years. He had a head full of gray hair. He ate the He Shou Wu plant also known as Polygonum cuspidatum, everyday while he was residing in the mountains. When he returned to civilization, his hair was jet black and immensely long and people were dumbfounded at the sight of him, it was as though he had aged backwards! People deemed him the famous Mr. Black, because his hair was dark as the night. I recommend RegeneMax Plus and Shou Wu for maintaining hair, skin, and nails. Particularly the Shou Wu as it will make your hair long and dark just like the famous Mr. Black!

Chinese Herbs for Menstrual Cramps

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Tackling a Cold

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sick woman

As much as I try to escape it, it happens inevitably every single year without fail. I’m referring to the pesky seasonal cold. I almost always get a cold during the winter months. This year …

How I Relax as a Grad Student

January 11, 2017 – 12:00 am | 274 views

I am a grad student working on my Masters in Public Health and work part time at Acupuncture Atlanta scheduling and checking out patients. I get stressed out easily, thankfully I’m able to exercise to …

The Study of Sulforaphane Used as a Chemopreventative Measure

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cruciferous vegetables

Sulforaphane is a natural product released after consumption of cruciferous vegetables. Cruciferous vegetables are a family of vegetables containing cauliflower, broccoli, brussels sprouts, cabbage, bok choy, kale, collard greens, and several other leafy vegetables. Sulforaphane …