What is Facial Acupuncture?

Facial Acupuncture is a holistic, natural way of improving facial health and reducing the effects of aging that are most readily evident on the face.

This type of cosmetic acupuncture provides a safe, effective, natural and less expensive alternative to Botox treatments or cosmetic surgery. It’s a series of treatments and its results are subtle, gradual and cumulative. There are no rude surprises or long post treatment downtimes making it very desirable for those who wish for a more natural look than Botox or cosmetic surgery.

But there is more! Each facial treatment includes body acupuncture also. While face points encourage the flow of qi to the face, body points are chosen to balance the energy rushing to the face. These constitutional points not only support facial health but also promote internal well-being and can correct underlying issues during the course of the series. After completing the series one not only look naturally better on the outside but also feels healthier internally.

How is it done?

Very thin needles are gently and shallowly inserted at carefully chosen points on the face, ears, scalp and the body. While some core points are same for everyone, treatments are very individualized for each person’s specific needs. Tiny intra dermal needles are inserted into the fine lines and wrinkles. Once all the needles are inserted twenty to thirty minutes downtime is allowed for the individual to relax as the tiny needles work their magic! Essential oil hydrosols are used to prevent bruising and provide hydration. Arnica is also used as needed to prevent bruising.

After the needles are removed the treatment is finished with a gentle facial massage with almond oil. Massage helps reduce dermal contractions of the head and neck and increases blood and nutritive supply. Improved blood flow also acts as a natural moisturizer making the skin supple and resilient, and giving it a natural glow. Facial massage aids in removing toxins and cellular waste from the skin cells. Like any massage, facial massage leaves one feeling relaxed and refreshed.

How many treatments are needed?

For long-lasting results, we recommend a full series of treatments done once a week for thirteen weeks. The first five or six treatments can also be done three or four days apart, in which case the series will take less time to finish. After the series is completed maintenance treatments are done once a month.

But for short-term effect or an upcoming special event, only  a few sessions will do the trick!

One session takes about two hours to complete.

Our pricing

All treatments begin with a one-on-one consultation with a board-certified acupuncturist.

Initial Visit:  $170

Follow-up visits: $150

What are the benefits of Facial Acupuncture?

  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by promoting production of elastin and collagen.
  • Helps reduce stress evident on the face and softens facial appearance.
  • Improves complexion and promotes a healthy glow.
  • Improves muscle tone.
  • Tightens pores and reduces puffiness.
  • Helps reduce bags under the eyes and lift droopy eyelids
  • Improves facial color.
  • Reduces double chins and saggy jowls.
  • Helps soften the appearance of bulging veins.
  • Helps balance sebum and may help improve hormone-based skin conditions.

Who is it for?

Facial acupuncture is typically used by women and men in their forties, fifties and sixties.

While there are some contraindications (such as bleeding disorders, seizures or other serious and debilitating health conditions) it is generally suitable for anyone who is looking to improve facial appearance.

Facial acupuncture is not recommended during pregnancy.