What is community acupuncture?

Community acupuncture (*) consists of treatments that are offered in a small group setting versus a private room.  Patients are treated in comfortable reclining zero gravity chairs.

Why community acupuncture?

Community acupuncture is also a good way of trying acupuncture if you have never experienced it before. We provide this special service to our community as a way of reducing some of the cost barriers that may be associated with private treatments.

How should I prepare?

Please wear comfortable, loose clothing; making sure that your arms, shoulders, and legs (up to 6-8 inches above the knees) can be easily exposed as needed. A majority of the most commonly used acupuncture points are on the arms and legs.

When is it offered?

While hours may vary occasionally, community acupuncture is typically offered:

  • Tuesday – Friday 10-5 pm
  • Saturday – days vary. Please check when booking online.


  • The fee for the initial visit is $70.00.
  • Follow-up treatments are on a sliding scale from $50 to $70.00.

How often can I expect to come in?

The number of treatments needed depends on the condition being treated. For acute conditions, 2 to 4 treatments may be enough, while chronic conditions may require 8-12 treatments and usually some maintenance treatments over the long term. This aspect of community acupuncture is the same as private acupuncture.

(*) Exceptions:
  1. Please note, not all conditions can be addressed in a community acupuncture treatment. You can speak with your practitioner in more detail and can answer questions specific to your concerns during the initial visit.
  2. Female infertility is a common health concern that acupuncture is used for. While some fertility support can be provided in community acupuncture, it is best treated in private sessions. For some women alternating between community and private treatments may be a viable option.
  3. Services like cupping, gua sha or e-stimulation of acupuncture points are not provided in community acupuncture.