Atlanta Acupuncture Clinic located in Atlanta Georgia

We specialize in:

  • Pain Management
  • Women’s Health Issues
  • Infertility
  • Stress and Chronic Illness
  • Sports Injuries
  • Child Learning Disabilities
  • Anti-Aging.
Atlanta Georgia

We offer a holistic approach to treatment using Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) compatible with Western medical regimes. We know that all medical systems have both strengths and weaknesses. By integrating the strengths of more than one system into our treatments, we can achieve better clinical outcomes and improve your health beyond what any one method could do.

It is our experience that acupuncture and herbal medicines promote optimal health, boost energy and restore harmony to people experiencing physical imbalances from the everyday rigors of modern life.

Why Choose Acupuncture Atlanta?

  • 3 State Licensed Acupuncturists on staff for convenient appointments
  • Over 10 years of service to the Atlanta Metro Area
  • Extensive knowledge of herbal formulas, supplements, teas & skin care

Call today to schedule your consultation!  Phone  404 233-5080

Women's Health

We offer treatment for:

■ period pain
■ endometriosis
■ amenorrhea
■ uterine bleeding
■ uterine fibroids
■ ovarian cysts
■ premenstrual syndrome
■ mood swings
■ hormonal migraines
■ irregular periods

Contact us for a consultation.


We help couples facing fertility challenges using a unique combination of:

■ Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)
■ Acupuncture
■ Chinese Herbs
■ Saliva Tests
■ Urine Tests

to reveal and treat functional imbalances in nutritional and hormonal levels.

Learning Disorders

We help all kinds of learning difficulties for children and adults:

■ Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)
■ Hyperactivity
■ Dyslexia
■ Poor Coorindation
■ Autism

Our approach enhances learning abilities and improves reading, reading comprehension, spelling and co-ordination.


We offer personalized Anti-Aging programs that includes:

■ Hormone Balancing
■ Diet Adjustments
■ Tailored Supplements
■ Energy metabolic tune-up
■ Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture

A personalized and realistic anti-aging skin therapy regimen will be developed that is specific to your needs.

Pain Management

We use acupuncture and Chinese herbs to treat:

■ acute or chronic pain
■ sports injuries
■ elbow pain
■ shoulder pain
■ back pain

Acupuncture releases endorphins which along with Chinese herbs reduce inflammation and increase circulation.

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A Whiff of Aromatherapy

August 9, 2018 – 12:04 pm | 52 views
A Whiff of Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy utilizes essential oils many of which are sourced from plants. A lot of essential oils have healing properties that serve a lot of different purposes, making them quite beneficial. A few benefits of aromatherapy include helping manage pain, improving the quality of sleep, soothing sore joints, treating headaches and migraines, improving digestion, and boosting immunity. (Cronkleton, 2018) There are various kinds of essential oils. The most popular essential oils consist of: patchouli, chamomile, lavender, peppermint, cedarwood, rose, eucalyptus, rosemary, jasmine, tea tree, lemon, ylang-ylang, sandalwood, etc. The beauty of essential oils is that each essential oil is packed with its very own therapeutic benefits.

I used to think aromatherapy didn’t work but after trying it, I am a believer now. My first experience with essential oils was when I had a pounding headache and a friend gave me some peppermint oil to put on my temples. Before I knew it, my headache had vanished! I was dumbfounded that rubbing peppermint oil on my temples could actually make me feel better. Now, instead of grabbing Tylenol when I have a headache, I grab some peppermint oil instead and it works like a charm for me. Additional benefits of peppermint oil include providing mental clarity and alertness and relieving sore muscles. (Mighty Nest, 2016) Other essential oils I like to use are bergamot and tangerine. I have found them to be helpful in terms of calming me as well as relieving feelings of anxiety and stress. It’s interesting because typically citrus essential oils boost energy, but for me I feel calmer after rubbing on some bergamot or tangerine oil. Whatever works, right?

Experimenting with different essential oils may be a good idea to find which oil suits your needs best. With so many options, it’s definitely easy to get overwhelmed. However, it’s fun to explore and take whiffs of countless essential oils. Happy sniffing!

Mighty Nest (2016) The Essential: 6 Uses for Peppermint Oil. Retrieved from:
Cronkleton, Emily (2018) Healthline. Aromatherapy Uses and Benefits. Retrieved from:

Antioxidant Rich Avocado Oil

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Cats are the best! I’m a huge cat lady, lover, fanatic, obsessed maniac, whatever you’d like to call it. If I see a cat, regardless of where it is, I’m so over the moon as …