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Acupuncture Atlanta ® has over 20 years of experience integrating acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine to promote optimal health
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At Acupuncture Atlanta ®, we work with each individual to create a customized treatment tailored to you.

We offer a holistic approach that integrates multiple systems of care. We can achieve better clinical outcomes beyond what any one single method could do.

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Compassionate. Personalized. Holistic Care.

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We are very proud of the service we provide and stand by every product we carry. Read our testimonials from our happy customers.
Mine is a funny story. I started seeing Warren when I was 42, at that time I had irregular periods, heavy bleeding and constant sinus infections. I had a busy professional life, was unmarried and I had long ago given up thoughts about having a child. After about a year of treatments the sinus infections were completely gone and my periods were normal. At that time I met a guy and amazingly became pregnant. What an emotional crisis that put me into, any way the guy left but the baby stayed. It has so profoundly changed my life having this precious baby boy in my life.


Atlanta, GA

I was miserable from daily, pounding, viselike headaches. Both my traditional physician and Acupuncture Atlanta agreed that they were mild migraines. I underwent about 10 acupuncture treatments and began taking Chinese herbs. I haven't had another severe headache since then - and that was over a year ago! I highly recommend acupuncture! Another great benefit of acupuncture is the energy boost that the patient feels afterwards. It was an unexpected plus! Thank you, Acupuncture Atlanta!


Atlanta, GA

I had been through ART twice, which resulted in two miscarriages. At that time I started going to Acupuncture Atlanta because of my fatigue and I had given up on having a child. After several months of treatments, my emotional and physical condition was the best that I had felt in a number of years. At that time my husband and I decided to try ART again concurrently continuing with the acupuncture and herbs. We were blessed with triplets. The triplets are in wonderful health and so am I.


Atlanta, GA

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