Turmeric’s Geranylgeranoic Acid may Prevent Cancer

Geranylgeranois acid (GGA) is known to be a cancer preventive retinoid since it has been shown to induce cell death in certain human cells. Naturally occurring GGA and its related compounds are found in several medicinal herbs, which include turmeric, basil, rosehip, cinnamon and others. A current study sought to determine whether oral administration of turmeric tablets could increase plasma concentrations of GGA. Researchers found that in the healthy volunteers, plasma GGA was detectable prior to turmeric ingestion and then increased at two hours after intake. Levels stayed elevated for four hours after oral turmeric ingestion in the study participants. These results suggest that GGA from the turmeric tablet was absorbed intact through the intestinal mucosa indicating an efficient bioavailability of this acid. In conclusion, the information appears to warrant future studies to research the cancer preventive roles of GGA in a number of spices.1

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