Broccoli May Have Anti-Cancer Benefits

A study published in the journal Nutrition and Cancer investigated whether combining broccoli powder with air dried broccoli sprouts would enhance the absorption of sulforaphane in humans. Sulforaphanes are the main isothiocyanate from broccoli, which are reported to be powerful anti-cancer agents. The study included four subjects who consumed four dry cereal and yogurt meals supplemented with broccoli sprouts (2 grams), broccoli powder (2 grams), a combination of both or neither…. The results revealed that the 24 hour urinary sulforaphane recovery was 74%, 49%, and 19% of the dose ingested from broccoli sprouts, combination and broccoli powder meals, respectively…. This information appears to indicate that combining broccoli sprouts with the broccoli powder enhanced sulforaphane absorption from broccoli powder, offering the potential for development of foods that increase the anti-cancer effects of broccoli products.

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