This Thursday November 15th Great American Smokeout!

Since the 1970’s smokers across the US have observed The Great American Smokeout occurring every 3rd Thursday in November.  Nearly one million California smokers quit on the first Great American Smokeout and it continues to be a day to bring awareness of the dangers of smoking, as well as educational tools that can be helpful to smokers trying to quit.

Celebrate the Great American Smokeout with Acupuncture Atlanta by taking advantage of our $30  smoking cessation treatments throughout the month of November. We can also provide you tools to help make your transition a little easier.  It has been shown that using 2 methods simultaneously produces better results. We offer great herbal formulas and a famous stop smoking tea that many have found useful in their path to being smokefree.

The American Cancer Association maintains a free hotline offering 24 hour support called Quit For Life that you can reach at 866-784-8454 for additional support.

Georgia residents can also call 877-270-STOP to speak to someone directly that can help offer you support while you quit.

We hope you take advantage of our offer this month and would love to help you on your journey to being smoke-free for the Holidays!

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Dr. Izold, ND
We welcome a new functional medicine practitioner to the team!

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