New Report Shows Acupuncture Offers Effective Relief in the Treatment of Insomnia

It’s no secret to Acupuncturists that acupuncture can offer great relief for sufferers of insomnia. In fact, most patients report improved sleep even when it was something else that brought them into our office. Studies are continually coming out showing clear results backing this statement. According to a new study published in September 2012, 30-40% of adults experience bouts of insomnia each year; 10-15% of which report chronic insomnia. In this study conducted by the National Institute of Health, 33 chronic insomnia sufferers participated in comparing acupuncture with the commonly prescribed Ambien. The study “found that both treatment groups improved significantly in sleep quality and at a similar rate between the two groups.”

The good news for you is that acupuncture is not habit forming and does not have the side effects of the commonly prescribed medications. Other good news is that acupuncture does have side effects. These include improved digestion, energy, mental clarity and you might just find yourself a little more pleasant to be around.

Herbs can also be very helpful in the treatment of Insomnia. Ask your acupuncturist what formulas would be helpful for you! -Mariah Van Horn L.Ac.

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