You’re Sick? We Treat That!

Occasionally a patient will call in and say, “I can’t come in for my appointment today, I’m sick.”   And I think, ‘Well what good luck for you! You are sick and you already have an appointment scheduled.”
People often discover acupuncture because they are seeking help with a particularly stubborn issue and someone has told them that acupuncture is helpful for that condition. People often come in for treatment of back pain, knee pain, help with fertility- or a large host of different concerns; so it is easy to forget that Chinese Medicine is a whole medicine and we treat all conditions- especially illness!
It is always the first thing acupuncture and herb students learn about in school- how to differentiate the different types of illnesses and the protocols for each. And we get a lot of practice treating it. Through four years of school and all of your colleagues getting sick, you get to treat a lot of sickness, and follow your results closely. However, the seniors much less often than the freshman!
People who receive acupuncture regularly report getting sick less frequently, and suffer for a briefer period of time. However, if you are a patient of acupuncture and have the misfortune of coming down with something, remember that we are trained to treat you and can make the whole experience a less miserable one.

Our newest team member:
Dr. Izold, ND
We welcome a new functional medicine practitioner to the team!

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