Relieve Back Pain with Cupping

Maybe you’ve seen the cupping marks that Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Aniston have been flaunting for the cameras. This is how they got them.  Cupping is one of the modalities that acupuncturists use for a variety of goals. The suction can only be done on a flat part of the body, which is large enough to accommodate the cup (back, chest, stomach, back of the knee).

If someone comes in with back pain, we will cup the painful area to loosen tight muscles and stagnant blood. This really loosens up a stubborn muscle knot. Having acupuncture in the knot will separate some of those fibers from each other, and the cupping will pull them upward. These are directions the fibers haven’t been pulled before (even with massage), so the knot is practically untied!   When muscles have been tight for a long time, or someone has physical trauma, you can see that the stagnant blood is loosened by the beautiful purple circle the cup leaves behind. It’s basically a hickey; it will go away in a few days, now fresh blood can circulate in that area.

**Tell your practitioner if you need to wear a strapless dress to a wedding soon!

Cupping’s also used for upper respiratory conditions.  Many mothers in China cup their children’s chest or upper back to pull the toxins from the lungs.

In clinic, we have the option of doing that, along with acupuncture and herbs; whatever we think will be most effective and safe for the patient.

Cupping feels wonderful when you have tight shoulder or back muscles. It’s worth the next-day appearance that you wrestled an octopus.  Some people prefer moving cupping, with lotion between the skin and cups, so the cups can slide around the muscle, pulling large sections.  Ask your practitioner if you should get some cupping done.

We all have a little tension, right?

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