The Benefits of Facial Acupuncture

Face is the mirror of the soul. Good facial health helps us put our best face forward, while providing a luminous mirror in which reflects the beauty of our inner selves. Facial revitalization acupuncture is a very effective way of improving facial health, and it also works at a deeper level to improve whole body health. More than half of the meridians in the body either begin or end in the face. By removing stagnation in the facial region, facial acupuncture helps promote smooth flow of qi (body’s vital energy) and blood through out the body.


Facial revitalization acupuncture improves muscle tone, reduces fine lines, wrinkles and frown lines. It reduces double chins and firms up a sagging jowl. These treatments help lift up drooping eyelids, clear out fat deposits, and improve facial color. Facial revitalization acupuncture is a holistic therapy, with out all the possible side effects that are associated with cosmetic Botox treatments and costs a fraction of cosmetic plastic surgery. The real beauty of facial acupuncture is that the changes happen over a period of time, are subtle and gradual, and allow for adjustments to be made during the course of a series. There are no rude surprises!


Specialized advance training is needed to provide facial acupuncture therapy. It is a therapeutic procedure that requires skill, precision and a gentle needle technique. Only the best quality needles are used; good quality essential oils are used to minimize possible bruising, and a prescreening for contra indication is done before beginning treatments. While results can be seen after just one treatment, for long lasting results a series of six to twelve treatments is suggested. Treatments are done about once a week, and results of a series last for three to five years, with a maintenance session recommended every four to eight weeks.


Each session also includes facial massage.  Massage helps reduce dermal contractions of the head and neck, and increases blood and nutritive supply.  Improved blood flow also acts as a natural moisturizer making the skin supple and resilient, and giving it a natural glow. Facial massage aids in removing toxins and cellular waste from the skin cells, and helps both, overly dry or overly oily skin by balancing sebum. Like any massage, facial massage leaves one feeling relaxed and refreshed.


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