Rolling with the Punches During Sick Season with Tiny Kids

babyI have two little girls, a 2 year old and an almost 6 month old. After a weekend with young cousins in the mountains, my baby has croup. But, I’m supposed to work today! My husband is going out of town for his annual mountain biking trip with his buddies and I have a road race in the morning! I know everyone who has kid’s deals with this, but it’s new to me. What do I do? Cancel my patients? Expose the babysitter? Leave my tiny, sad seal-barking babe?

We are faced with these decisions all of the time, and whatever we decide to do, it’s going to be just fine. Obviously none of your choices are ideal, so accept that and feel confident in your decision and embrace the day! I decided to stay home, but still had the babysitter come by and take my two year old to the zoo. What a luxury! And good for everyone involved!

Anyway, it got me thinking about what I can do to prevent this…and, with little ones there is just not that much you can do. Encourage healthy foods! Vitamins C! My husband and I are going to start Jade Screen Formula, because what is more miserable than having sick kids? Dealing with sick kids while you are also sick! So take steps to take care of yourself!

And back to that free treatment… I am still running the Beltline Road Race tomorrow morning, but with the baby (cold air is good for croup), and doing it with friends to be active, and be social and get exercise- but with no time goal involved. Watch in my pocket. Which means if you’re running and want acupuncture, you’ll probably win that free treatment. Hope to see you on the Beltline!

Mariah Van Horn, L.Ac.

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