All I Want is…. Peaceful Sleep!

Girl sleeping in grass

Most people occasionally go through periods of restless or insufficient sleep. If this occasional lack or poor quality of sleep lingers on it can affect one’s energy level and vitality to the point, that simply getting through the day can seem overwhelming.


Tranquilizers can often leave one feeling drowsy, lethargic or in some cases a little disoriented. Acupuncture or Chinese herbs provide a safer alternative.  Acupuncture can be used alone or with herbs to resolve sleep and accompanying issues without the unwanted side effects.

Anmian, a curious or extraordinary point found behind the ears, is effective in treating insomnia of any etiology and is usually combined with other points depending on individual symptoms. Curious points do not lie on any specific meridian, and have distinctive energetic qualities.

The name Anmian is (very poetically) translated as Peaceful Sleep. Could there be a better name for a point that helps treat insomnia? When I mention this to patients as I needle the point, they usually smile. I can feel them letting go, and calmness taking hold. More often than not they doze off on the table, and get some much needed … zzzz


But there is more… An Mien Pian also known as Peaceful Sleep tablets (by Plum Flower) may be used to supplement acupuncture. This formula acts by nourishing blood and calming the psyche (shen), used for sleep issues and other related issues such as anxiety.


Manju Ladha, L.Ac.

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