Feeling Frustrated? Work Stress Getting You Down? This Formula May Be For You!

Have you been dealing with stress lately? I probably don’t need to tell you how helpful acupuncture can be for treating stress, but you should know that there are also great herbal formulas you can take that really help to deal with stress.

Are you feeling frustrated or easily irritated? Are you the type of person who feels better after a good run? There is a very common formula that might be just what the acupuncturist ordered. Xiao Yao San is a famous and widely used formula for dealing with stress. Some other signs that this may be the formula for you are headaches, a bitter taste in your mouth and a reduced appetite.

A modification of this formula is Jia Wei Xiao Yao San, which has the added function of clearing heat. Choose this formula if you experience the symptoms listed above as well as red eyes, dry mouth or palpitations.

While formulas are always recommended by your practitioner based on the specific needs of the patient, these are both safe for most people to take and treat a very common condition. If it doesn’t quite describe you, we can always find the formula more suited to making you feel better.

You can order Xiao Yao San or Jia Wei Xiao Yao San from our online store, or find out there is a formula more tailored to your constitution by making an appointment with us. You deserve to feel better!


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