Building Your Bodies Natural Defenses in Cold Season

iStock_000014909945XSmallIt’s that time of year again; when everyone is going back to school and the weather begins to change and people start to get sick. There is an ancient formula that is known to help your body build it’s natural defenses, called “Jade Windscreen Formula,’ or ‘Yu Ping Feng San,’ which has been used for centuries, but is still widely used today.

This formula serves as a barrier against invasion of wind, hence the name jade wind screen. Jade, as is it also considered valuable and as precious as Jade.
In traditional terms, the formula helps the body stabilize the protective qi in order to ward of pathogenic influences. In controlled clinical trials it has repeatedly proven a reduction in the frequency of the common cold and other respiratory disorders. And in current biomedical studies, the formula has been shown to increase immune function, which has been attributed to its ability to enhance microphage function and increase IgG and IgA.
The important thing to for you to know, though, is that it’s effective in building your immune system and helping to protect yourself from recurrent sickness. So while it can be effective to fight colds once someone has already gotten sick, this formula is really more intended to be used preventatively, particularly for those who suffer from recurrent colds or with weaker immune systems. It is also a common formula used by those with allergies, as it has been shown to help the body build its natural defenses and helpful in lessening the symptoms of allergy sufferers.
So, if you are one who’s always fighting a cold, or are particularly susceptible to getting sick, than it is a good idea to start taking this formula once the season gets near.
We have both Yu Ping Feng San by Sun Ten and Jade Screen teapills available in our clinic.
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