The Beauty of Facial Acupuncture, Part Three

I have been writing about facial acupuncture and its benefits in my last two posts. In this post I want to talk about how many treatments are needed and how often they should be done.

The number and frequency of treatments mostly depends on individual objective. If one is preparing for special events such as a wedding, you want to look and feel your best. then a series of two to four treatments done over 15-20 days will do the trick! You will look good and feel grounded and balanced.

However, most people are looking for longer term results, which requires a series of treatments. A full series consists of 13 treatments. The first 6 are best done twice a week or over three weeks. The remaining 7 treatments are done once a week. The full series takes 10 weeks. Occasionally, someone may need an extra treatment or two depending on individual needs, or if the series took longer to complete than the recommended ten weeks.

Once the full series is completed, a maintenance treatment is required every four weeks for best long-term results. The beauty of completing a full series is not just about improving facial appearance. In each treatment, constitutional points are used to ground the energy so there is not a rush of energy to the face. Most people find that a lot of other internal issues get better as the series progresses, and one feels healthy in a very wholesome way.

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