Love on the Water Route


Contributed by Our Guest Blogger: Mary Jo Romano


As part of my daily self-care commitment, I walk my neighborhood. I created different routes depending upon the season and time of day. My winter route takes me away from the shoreline where it tends to be colder and into neighborhoods where the houses block the biting wind.

Spring, summer and fall, I can walk towards the water to different water views enjoying sunrises, sunsets, midday blazing sunshine, beach activities, seagulls and boats.

This morning, the weather was supposed to be early spring like. As I headed out the door, I quickly returned to grab a scarf and gloves. Luckily, I had a hooded sweatshirt on so I put my hood up. My walk was pleasant but I was surprised when it started to drizzle. The chance of rain today was 0%. Hmmm. Odd. And because I had avoided the beach walk through the winter, and it is now spring, I headed toward the shore despite the chill and drizzle.

That’s what life is sometimes. Odd. Not what we expected. Not what it seems. Not what we were told. Not what we believe.

I kept walking, I did not go home. I headed to the beach and found this on the bench.

Photo by: Mary Jo Romano

At first I thought, oh somebody must’ve died here. A dark thought. Oh! How could I have been that negative?

So in the next second, aware of that darkness, I thought, no actually, perhaps someone left these flowers as a gift. Maybe this is a scavenger hunt of love? Maybe this is the site of an upcoming marriage proposal? Maybe this is where two elderly people met 53 years ago and they are coming here to remember their love? To reminisce.

That’s what we must be good at, at changing our mind to the possibility of positivity. To keep walking even though it’s drizzling, to keep our vision of wellness alive. To keep committing to ourselves to love. To keep looking for signs of love. To keep noticing beautiful random images around you.

And so that is what I invite you to do this Spring. Remember to take care of yourself. Give yourself flowers. Give another flowers. Feed yourself with love. Take time to plan a nourishing meal. Go for a walk even when it’s drizzling. And take the water route.

I hope to meet you along the journey.


Mary Jo Romano is a freelance nutritionist and chef who integrates culinary, nutrition, fitness and spiritual wisdom into her everyday life. Corporately, she creates recipes, assists on food photography shoots and whizzes around cooking video production sets preparing food.

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