The Benefits of Corydalis 5

Corydalis 5 by Seven Forests is an herbal formula that contains corydalis, peony, licorice, typha, and pteropus. The Chinese name for this formula is Yan Hu Zhi Ton Pian. When the herbs pteropus and bulrush are combined, they combat abdomen pain, menstrual pain, and pain that comes from injuries. Bulrush is another name for typha. Peony and licorice combined in equal parts are beneficial in treating spastic pain. Licorice extracts have been useful in easing stomach pains. (Barnard, 1998) Corydalis properties include invigorating the Qi as well as the blood, which makes it a great herb to have for an array of pains such as menstrual pain, abdominal pain, chest pain, and hernia pain. (Dr. Shen, 2017) I take this product for excruciating menstrual cramps and it relieves them quickly. Try Corydalis 5 for pain and discomfort in the abdomen area.

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