Enhancement of Post-Meal Satiety by adding Beta-Glucan

A recent study sought to determine the effect of soluble fiber (in the form of beta-glucan) on perceived satiety at different dietary fiber concentrations, energy levels and viscosity levels. The participants were given six beverages (one beverage per day) containing different amounts of fiber, energy and with varying levels of viscosity. During the 180 minute follow-up period after consuming the beverage, the participants were asked to describe their level of satiety, fullness, hunger, desire to eat something and thirst. The results revealed that increasing the energy content did not affect perceived levels of satiety in the participants. The amount of fiber in the beverages also did not appear to have any effect on the participants’ satiety levels. However, it was determined that adding beta-glucan to the beverages and increasing the viscosity of the beverages enhanced perceived levels of satiety in the study subjects.

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