Protect Your Gut with Probiotics

Maintaining gut health is important. What you consume determines what kind of bacteria goes into your gut, therefore it’s vital to realize what you eat has long term effects. (Elerick, 2017) A few ways I ensure my gut is in tip top shape is by, taking probiotics, drinking kombucha, and snacking on yogurt. Kombucha is fermented black tea that contains live and active cultures called SCOBY. SCOBY is an acronym for symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast; it’s the mother culture required to make kombucha. (Cultures for Health, 2017) I personally think kombucha is a great alternative to soda since it has a carbonated feel to it, yet it’s low in sugar and calories which is nice if you’re trying to maintain a clean diet. With that being said, I prefer flavored kombucha that has a sweet taste to it as opposed to plain and vinegary kombucha. I like to sip on kombucha because it’s a not only beneficial for maintaining my gut health, but it also provides me with some energy as well. Furthermore, another drink super similar to kombucha that I drink once in a while is jun. Jun is exactly like kombucha except it’s made with green tea and honey. Kombucha on the other hand is typically made with black tea and sugar. Jun tastes sweeter in my opinion, since it contains honey, so if you prefer a plain and crisp taste, stick to kombucha.

Yogurt is another simple way to ingest an adequate amount of probiotics. Many types of yogurt contain probiotics such as Bifidobacterium and lactobacillus. Probiotics may increase digestive health by decreasing the symptoms of typical gastrointestinal disorders, like diarrhea, bloating, and constipation. (Elliot, 2017) I usually grab yogurt in the mornings when I’m in a hurry or sometimes during the day when I need a high protein snack. I enjoy Greek yogurt but have been venturing into skyr as of late, which is similar to Greek yogurt but just little bit thicker.

If I fail to get my dose of probiotics from food, I have a handy dandy bottle of probiotics that I can conveniently turn to instead. Fortefy by Interplexus is great for supporting normal gastrointestinal function. It consists of three strains of probiotics. An interesting and fun fact about this product is that it doesn’t need to be refrigerated. Many other supplemental forms of probiotics require refrigeration.

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