Fiber has Impact on Cardiovascular Disease

A recent study sought to determine whether increased dietary or supplemental fiber intake can slow or reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. Researchers reviewed studies published in database sources that included CINAHL, Medline, Health Source, Nursing/Academic Edition and the Cochrane Library. The studies included in the meta-analysis measured inflammation, a marker for cardiovascular disease, using high-sensitivity C-reactive protein. The results suggested a significant association between increased fiber intake and reduced risk of cardiovascular disease. Out of the seven reviewed studies, six showed statistically significant decreases in high-sensitivity C-reactive protein as fiber consumption increased. These findings suggest that consuming the daily recommended amount of fiber (25 to 30 grams per day) by dietary or supplemental means, may play an important role in cardiovascular health.

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COVID-19 Announcement

To Our Acupuncture Atlanta Community

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