Olive Leaf Extract Benefits

Olive leaf extract is sourced from the leaves of an olive plant. It has various health benefits. Olive leaf extract may reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease, therefore having a positive effect on heart health. Additionally, this leaf lowers blood pressure which is beneficial because low blood pressure reduces the risk of stroke and heart attack. (Cronkleton, 2017) It also boosts immunity and decreases inflammation. Another benefit of supplementing with olive leaf extract is improved brain function. A key ingredient in the leaf called oleuropein, decreases the symptoms and occurrence of neurological age-related conditions such as dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. (Bright, 2016) A few studies have discovered that there’s a correlation between free radical damage, Alzheimer’s, and the fact that the leaves have increased levels of antioxidants (Bright, 2016) therefore combating damage caused by free radicals and shielding the brain from memory loss.

Olive leaf Extract by Douglas Labs comes in 60 as well as 120 count sizes, both are 500 milligrams per serving. In addition to the benefits listed above, this product is beneficial for antioxidant and microbial support as well as normal gastrointestinal function.

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