High alpha-carotene levels linked to longer life

Researchers from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) write in the Archives of Internal Medicine that if the results are replicated in future studies, than the the potential health benefits of elevated alpha-carotene levels should be studied in clinical trials.

Li and co workers concluded that their findings, based on data from a large representative sample of US adults, “showed that serum alpha-carotene concentrations were inversely associated with the risk of death from all causes and death from CVD, cancer, and all causes other than CVD and cancer.”

They added that the inverse association was independent of demographic characteristics, lifestyle habits, and traditional health risk factors, and indicated that the data supports increasing fruit and vegetable consumption as a means of preventing premature death and suggest a need for clinical research into the health benefits of alpha-carotene.

Read the complete article on acuatlanta.net

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