Nutrition and Supplementation for Arthritis Relief

Dietary changes may not be enough to control the pain and inflammation, so using therapeutic amounts of nutrients may be necessary. In addition, other compounds not normally present in diets may alleviate the inflammatory/pain process, and this is where supplementation enters the picture. When used together, dietary intervention and the use of supplements listed below can deliver a one-two punch against inflammation and pain:

Omega-3 fish oils – the omega-3 fatty acids (DHA and EPA) inhibit the production of “bad” prostaglandins that cause inflammation

Tumeric – the active curcuminoids found in this herb inhibit the breakdown of arachidonic acid, a potent pro-inflammatory fat, and decrease the activity of inflammatory messengers from the immune system (Il-6, Il-8)

Boswellia – active components in this herb such as 5-loxin, inhibit the COX enzyme pathway and also reduce proinflammatory prostaglandins

Vitamin D – inhibits pro-inflammatory messengers such as Il-1 and Il-12 and helps slow the development of osteoarthritis

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