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Throughout my life I have typically heard the term inflammation coupled with the word pain. For a while, I never really knew what inflammation meant, however I always viewed it as having a negative connotation since I frequently heard it in the same sentence as pain. After researching it, I learned more about inflammation and cleared up the misunderstanding I’ve had about it for so long. There are two types of inflammation, acute and chronic. Acute inflammation is the body responding to infection or tissue damage, basically it’s immensely important for the healing process. This sounds great, right? So why does inflammation have such a bad reputation then?

Well, it turns out chronic inflammation is the true culprit and what most people describe when they are talking about inflammation, especially in terms of pain. Chronic inflammation is associated with a number of diseases, from atherosclerosis to rheumatoid arthritis. (Hall, 2011) When the body’s response is constantly triggered over and over again, it can do more harm than good and damage the body, instead of healing it. (Hobson, 2017) Again, this is where inflammation’s bad reputation actually comes from.

A few symptoms of inflammation consist of redness, swelling, pain, and heat. (PubMed, 2015) Additional symptoms of inflammation include feeling ill overall and like you’re super exhausted. Meriva-500 SF by Thorne Research is a great product to aid in reducing inflammation. The main ingredient is turmeric; it contains one gram of curcumin phytosome. It also contains phosphatidylcholine complex from sunflower. Turmeric is commonly known to be an anti-inflammatory agent. Meriva-500 SF is taken for antioxidant support, relief from occasional stiffness and soreness, and to support joint, muscle, eye, GI tract, liver, prostrate, and nerve health. I typically take Meriva-500 SF if my back is achy or my joints are achy, it has helped me tremendously!

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