Licorice is one of the most extensively researched medicinal and food plants.1 Studies on licorice have demonstrated positive effects for treatment of various types of ulcers and chemoprevention.6 Other studies indicate the following: (1) dietary consumption of licorice root extract may help to lower cholesterol and act as an antioxidant,6,7 (2) compounds in licorice inhibit serotonin re-uptake and may be useful in the treatment of mild to moderate depression in women,8 and (3) licorice may help reduce body fat mass.9 One study suggests that topical application of licorice extract may be effective in treating the itching and inflammation associated with dermatitis.10

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COVID-19 Announcement

To Our Acupuncture Atlanta Community

As Georgia starts to reopen, Acupuncture Atlanta is committed to providing quality care and helping you stay healthy in this environment defined by a new normal. Acupuncture at its core is a preventative modality and our practitioners are here to work with you and design a treatment plan that is suitable for your specific needs.

The clinic will resume treatments on May 7th with limited hours and new guidelines. Please check the Book Appointment page for available days and time slots, or call us. 

We will also be taking extra protective measures to ensure the safety of our patients and staff:

·      Provide disinfectant wipes and hand sanitizers

·      Practitioners will wear protective masks and gloves

·      Use disposable paper sheets

·      Treatment tables and other surfaces will be sanitized after each patient.

·      Appointments will be spread out to allow time for sanitizing treatment rooms

·      Minimize the number of people waiting in the front lobby


Please check your appointment confirmations for specific instructions. Our commitment to keeping everyone safe and healthy is our top priority.