Night Sweats Due to Menopause

If you are getting hot at night and it’s not due to the warmer weather, there is an herbal formula you should consider.

As we age, our Yin gets depleted. The yin is the fluid and essence of the body, and when we are ‘yin deficient,’ it can give rise to certain symptoms. The lack of yin creates a deficient heat that can manifest as- dry mouth, thirst, achy back, heel pain, weakness in the low back and knees, ringing in the ears, night sweats and hot flashes.

If these problems sound familiar, take an herbal formula to nourish your yin. I frequently recommend Restorative Tablets by Seven Forests. It is based on a very popular patent formula called Heche Dazao Wan, which has been used since the Ming Dynasty. My patients have reported great results with this formula to help manage their night sweats and hot flashes.

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