The Beauty of Facial Acupuncture

Who doesn’t like to look good? It makes us feel good! However, most of us are not blessed with the perfect genes for perfect skin. Aging takes its natural course and the changes manifest in different ways for different folks- both externally and internally.

The most visible of all age related changes is what happens to our skin in general and facial skin and appearance in particular. Skin is after all our first line of defense. It is constantly exposed to the ravages of sun, other climatic conditions, microbial infections, cuts, burns and other injuries. It works hard 24/7 to protect the body! As we age the elasticity of skin reduces and it becomes less supple, drier, or thinner. Fine lines start to become more visible… crow’s feet or deepening smile lines, forehead furrows, frown lines, lip lines… all make their presence felt. Not to mention droopy eyelids, saggy jowl or a complexion that gradually diminishes in vibrancy and vitality. But there is help…

In China, acupuncture has been used for centuries for improving facial health. Acupuncture provides a more holistic way of maintaining and improving facial appearance. It is much better than other options like Botox or highly invasive and expensive surgical procedures; and unlike these options that merely work on the surface, acupuncture provides a way that also works internally while it greatly improves external appearance. I like to call it beauty from the inside out!

Facial acupuncture is done as a series of treatments and results in gradual improvement allowing for monitoring of changes and making adjustments as the series progresses. Will be sharing more details about the process in future posts.
Stay tuned!

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