How I Relax as a Grad Student

I am a grad student working on my Masters in Public Health and work part time at Acupuncture Atlanta scheduling and checking out patients. I get stressed out easily, thankfully I’m able to exercise to keep the stress at bay. However, between work and school, sometimes I don’t have the time to go to the gym. When I’m super stressed out, I break out excessively. And when I don’t have the time to work out, my acne just gets worse! I started taking Coix Pills by Seven Forests for my acne and noticed a significant difference. The redness was gone in my blemishes and my acne scars even started fading away. I’m hooked on the coix pills and think they have helped tremendously in diminishing my acne.

As far as eliminating stress goes, I take Calm Spirit by Health Concerns when I have too much on my plate and things get hectic. As soon as I take Calm Spirit, I feel like every little thing is going to be alright and have a positive outlook on life. It feels like a wave of calmness and reassurance engulfs me and that I’ll float on. I consciously notice that I complain less and reflect more and realize there’s nothing to worry about and every assignment or errand will get done. Calm spirit helps me to reduce my stress and anxiety and I worry less.

I have always struggled with being able to focus when it comes to studying and paying attention in my sometimes mundane classes. I also get distracted quite easily. I found out about l-theanine from a friend and decided to try it to help with my graduate courses. I experimented with it when I drank coffee and took an l-theanine and then when I didn’t have coffee and simply took l-theanine alone. When I had coffee and l-theanine both, I was very focused and alert. When I took l-theanine and didn’t have coffee, I noticed I was still processing everything my professor said and not getting distracted by tiny things going on in class. This showed me that if I simply take l-theanine before class it improves my ability to concentrate and process information. The times I’ve taken it while doing homework, I’ve noticed I have a drive to complete my homework and I am very much engaged in what I’m doing, instead of reaching for my phone and getting distracted and getting on Facebook etc. L-theanine has undoubtedly improved my ability to perform as a student. The three herbs I take: calm spirit, coix pills, and l-theanine have significantly improved my life and I’m so glad I decided to start taking herbs. I can see for myself that they really do work!

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