Look and Feel Your Best With Rhodiola

Rhodiola rosea is an herb sourced from Asia and eastern Europe. It is an adaptogenic herb that aids the body in coping with physical and emotional stress. Rhodiola’s primary health benefits consist of burning belly fat, increasing energy as well as athletic performance and endurance, lowering cortisol, and fighting depression and improving brain function.(1) Additionally, if you have trouble focusing as well as a low mood this herb is recommended for that. New evidence from Heilongjiang University of Chinese Medicine suggests rhodiola also helps with sleeplessness and alleviating feelings of agitation.(3) Another striking finding was that rhodiola extract hinders anorexia caused by stress and actually reverses those anorectic effects.(2)

Rhodiola by Thorne Research is a fantastic product we carry that comes in 60 capsules; 100 miligrams. Take this beneficial herb to support: normal mood, sleep cycle, mental focus, endurance during exercise, and neurotransmitter function, specifically dopamine and serotonin. The recommended dosage is one capsule, two to three times a day.

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COVID-19 Announcement

To Our Community

Acupuncture Atlanta is committed to providing quality care and helping you stay healthy in this environment defined by a new normal. Acupuncture at its core is a preventative modality and our practitioners are here to work with you and design a treatment plan that is suitable for your specific needs.

We will also be taking extra protective measures to ensure the safety of our patients and staff:

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