Acupuncture and Patients with Atopic Eczema

A recent double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled study investigated the effect of acupuncture in patients with atopic eczema. The trial included 30 patients with atopic eczema who were exposed to an allergen stimulus and then were either observed (meaning no acupuncture) or treated using one of two acupuncture approaches. The two acupuncture treatments were acupuncture at points Quchi and Xuehai (verum acupuncture) or placebo point acupuncture. Results were measured using a visual analogue scale, wheal and flare size and skin perfusion and then validated using the Eppendorf Itch Questionnaire. The results revealed that patients who received verum acupuncture experienced a significantly reduced itching response as compared with the placebo acupuncture and observation groups. It was also found that the mean Eppendorf Itch Questionnaire ratings were significantly lower in the verum acupuncture group. These results suggest that acupuncture at the correct points can significantly reduce hypersensitivity itch in patients with atopic eczema.1

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