Sea Buckthorn

For over a thousand years, preparations made from sea buckthorn have been used medicinally in Mongolia, China, and Tibet.2 The first documented benefits of sea buckthorn were recorded in the classic 8th century CE Tibetan medical text rGyud Bzi (The Four Books of Pharmacopeia)…. Sea buckthorn fruit is an official medicine in the Chinese pharmacopeia, indicated for the treatment of cough with profuse expectoration, indigestion, stagnancy of food with abdominal pain, amenorrhea due to blood stagnation, and traumatic swelling and bleeding under the skin (eccymosis).

Both clinical and animal research has shown that sea buckthorn preparations, especially the oil obtained from the seeds or fruit, taken internally can treat clinical indicators associated with heart disease,17,18,19and a powdered extract of the fruit and leaf, standardized to total flavones, was shown to improve heart function in a small randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial.20

Sea buckthorn oil is very stable and has shown promise for external use as a therapeutic skin cream ingredient.24 Numerous trials suggest its efficacy in wound and burn healing, skin grafts, and reducing tissue inflammation.25

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