What do we want? Allergy relief! When do we want it? Now!

Hay fever is one of the 20 conditions that the World Health Organization has on a list called, “Acupuncture is proven to be effective for:”.  The list was compiled after they reviewed multiple clinical trials for each condition.   Not only does it work consistently, but it works fast.  70-100% improvement is noticed the same day, and for some people, the benefit of a treatment or 2 lasts all season.    In some less pollen-y areas of the country, the treatment is beneficial for years!

Acupuncture has wonderful points that address all aspects of allergies. Some are specifically for boosting the immune system of the lungs. Some are for clearing sinus congestion, or sinus pain.  Others address the itchy eyes and throat.

This perfect formula for allergy symptom relief can also be found in the herbal formula: “Magnolia Flower Teapills” by Plum Flower.  Amongst the 9 ingredients are some for runny-nose relief, some for eye relief, some for headaches, and some to boost the immune system.

I get acupuncture myself, to make enjoying the outside possible here in Atlanta. I hope you or someone you know can also put the misery behind you without shots or antihistamines. It’s time to get out in the sunshine and smell the beautiful flowers.



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