Scarves and Chilly Weather…


Fall plays hide and seek here in Atlanta. Chilly one day, and summer like the next; cold and bleak in the morning and deceptively sunny in the afternoon! In weather like this it is easy to forget to dress warmly, and that increases the possibility of catching a cold, or flu and becoming host to the virus of the day!

One of the simplest things one can do to add a layer of protection is to wear a scarf … yes, wear a scarf and keep the neck area covered.

In traditional Chinese medicine there is a set of acupuncture points collectively referred to as the wind gates. These points all lie in the neck region or behind the ears. As the name suggests these points can be the gateway of external invasion (cold, flu etc.) into the body. Keeping this area covered specially in the fall and early winter (when it is easy to forget to do so), essentially blocks an open energetic passage for infections to enter the body. From a bio-medical standpoint the neck only has sympathetic innervation- and it stands to reason, even from a western perspective, that keeping the neck covered is a good idea.

No doubt this may not be the only thing one needs to do to stay healthy in the flu season, but it is one of the easiest to do! So bring out those colorful scarves, add some pizzazz and style to your outfits and boost your chances of avoiding a cold or flu this season.

And yes, this applies to the guys too!

Manjusha Ladha L.Ac.

COVID-19 Announcement

To Our Community

Acupuncture Atlanta is committed to providing quality care and helping you stay healthy in this environment defined by a new normal. Acupuncture at its core is a preventative modality and our practitioners are here to work with you and design a treatment plan that is suitable for your specific needs.

We will also be taking extra protective measures to ensure the safety of our patients and staff:

·      All visitors musk wear a mask entering the building, checking in and waiting in the lobby. No exceptions.

·      We are providing disinfectant wipes and hand sanitizers for all guests to use in several areas.

·      Each treatment room has a HEPA filter with a built-in UV-C air sanitizer (also used in hospital settings.)

·      Practitioners will wear protective masks and/or gloves.

·      Use of disposable paper sheets or change out sheets in between each patient.

·      Treatment tables and other surfaces will be sanitized after each patient.

·      We try to minimize the number of people waiting in the front lobby - your practitioner may ask you to wait in the car until the room is ready.

Please check your appointment confirmations for specific instructions. Our commitment to keeping everyone safe and healthy is our top priority.