Benefits of Cordyceps

Cordyceps are mushrooms that originated in China. they were commonly thought to be caterpillars, since they appear almost identical to the insects physically, however they are in fact a fungus that eats caterpillars and feeds off their tissues. The Chinese name for the herb is Dong chong xia cao; they have been utilized in traditional Chinese medicine for quite a few centuries. Cordyceps may be helpful in treating: respiratory infections, coughs, colds and the flu, reproductive issues, kidney disorders, bladder infections, asthma, hepatitis B, irregular heartbeats as well as low circulation, heart disease and high cholesterol, liver disorders, weak muscles, chronic fatigue syndrome and decreased energy, and dizziness.1 Also research conducted in Beijing suggests that cordyceps have anti-aging properties and improved the activity of antioxidants.1 This specific study was monitored on mice. Furthermore, the mushrooms have also been used by Chinese athletes in order to boost performance.Here at Acupuncture Atlanta, we sell Super Cordyceps by Mushroom Wisdom. In addition to cordyceps, this product contains vitamin c as well.

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