Tackling a Cold

As much as I try to escape it, it happens inevitably every single year without fail. I’m referring to the pesky seasonal cold. I almost always get a cold during the winter months. This year however, it wasn’t too bad thanks to two products I took that we carry here at Acupuncture Atlanta. Anytime I think I’m on the brink of a cold, I take a few teaspoons of Elderberry Syrup by Honey Gardens. Elderberry boosts immunity, it works best as a preventative measure. I use it at the first sign of a tickle or scratch in my throat and it works like a charm. My sore throat stops in its tracks! This time however, I was a little late in taking elderberry and ended up getting a cold anyway. Despite still getting a cold, my throat showed no signs of being sore or scratchy thankfully, my symptoms consisted of a runny/stuffy nose and sneezing.

When I’m sick, and I’m sure I’m not alone on this, I crave warm and comforting foods such as hearty soups, savory broths, and antioxidant rich teas. So naturally, I craved a nice bowl of ramen. I couldn’t get my hands on some ramen unfortunately but did come across MycoPhyto Vegetable Soup by Econugenics. I decided to try a cup of the nutritious soup. It contains medicinal mushrooms and gives you energy while supporting the immune system; all desirable benefits since I was sick. I spruced it up by adding, sriracha, olive oil, and a pinch of Himalayan sea salt, the result was surprisingly delicious! I had it for lunch consecutively for three days and noticed a burst of energy afterwards and felt a little better overall. I was still sick, but I didn’t feel as miserable after consuming the soup. Furthermore, the duration of my cold this year was shorter than previous colds I’ve had in the past. I think elderberry and mycophyto soup are to thank for that.