What Shatavari is and Why You Should be Taking it

Shatavarti is an herb that is in the asparagus family. It’s known to increase vitality and is an overall health tonic. It is sourced from the tropical areas of India. Shatavari is beneficial in regards to menstruation and keeping cycles consistent as well as relieving common period symptoms such as bloating, irritability, and PMS as well. (The Home of Ayurveda, 2013) It’s also useful in getting rid of morning sickness that is prevalent during pregnancy. Because shatavarti is an adaptogenic herb, it reduces the negative effects of stress on the nervous system. Research illustrates that the herb may also help with heartburn, indigestion, diarrhea, inflammation of the urinary tract, irritable bowel syndrome, and immune system response. (The Chopra Center, 2017)

Shatavarti by Banyan Botanicals is available here at Acupuncture Atlanta. It comes in 90 tablets, 500 milligrams. It is certified organic, gluten, dairy, and soy free. The serving size is one to two tablets daily or as directed by your practitioner. This product is bitter yet sweet. It’s a beneficial blend that supports digestive function as well as immune function. As mentioned above, it also supports a normal functioning female reproductive system.


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