How I Make my Skin Happy

I have struggled with acne for quite some time now. Thankfully, it’s never been cystic or particularly aggressive acne. It could most definitely be worse. However, since I am immensely vain and care about the way I look, it still affects my life to some degree. I’m certain my acne is hormone related due to the timeline of my breakouts. I used to break out preceding my cycle, however, since I’ve entered my mid-twenties, I get pesky pimples after my cycle has ended and I begin ovulating. Through trial and error, I have discovered what skin care products work for me and what I should steer clear from. A vital skin care rule I’ve learned is what works for someone else may not work for me, and vice versa. Everyone’s skin is different and can react differently to certain skincare regiments and products. Therefore, I think experimenting is key when it comes to making your skin happy.

I’ve noticed that my skin reacts positively to skin care products that are simple, organic, and as natural as possible. My favorite face mask for example, is homemade and consists of only ingredients: organic raw honey, cinnamon, and nutmeg. Which is ironic and kind of funny because I’ve experimented with various expensive skin care products from Sephora, that claim to cure acne and blemishes. None have really made a huge difference in eradicating my acne and it’s just been money down the drain. Who knew the answer to my skin care prayers was sitting in my pantry this entire time?

My skin has reacted extremely well to taking herbs and supplements. Coix Tablets by Seven Forests is my go to for those annoying red and deep under-the-skin blemishes. DIM Enhanced by Douglas Labs is another product I take for treating my acne. This supplement is specifically tailored to the type of acne I have, which is hormonal. It supports normal hormone balance and estrogen detoxification. During ovulation there’s a surge of estrogen, which for me unfortunately means a surge of pimples. DIM reduces the number of breakouts I have and from consistently taking it, my skin has been happier and less pimply! The last product I take for my skin is Evening Primrose Oil by Ortho Molecular. A friend who has cystic acne recommended it after it worked wonders for her. I desperately tried it during a particularly awful breakout, and it my skin seemed less angry within days! I was astonished and relieved that my zits seemed smaller in size.

In my journey to clear skin, I think I’ve finally realized what makes my skin happy. First, being consistent is important. Regularly taking my herbs and supplements is essential to my skin care routine. Also, I’m impatient when I try a new acne fighting remedy, I want it to work and I want it to work immediately! However, I’ve come to understand that you can’t try a new skin care regiment for one or even two days and expect dramatic and life changing results, its just not going to happen. Which brings me to my second point, patience. Patience is a virtue when it comes to skin care, specifically acne. It’s not the end of the world if one regiment or product doesn’t work, it’s frustrating, don’t get me wrong, however there are several other ways to achieve clear skin that you have yet to try! And that’s an important and positive thought to keep in mind.

The next thing I noticed my skin loves is when I don’t do anything to it at all. I’ve learned this the hard way. My skin could be erupting with zits like a volcano, and as much as I want to cover my entire face in tea tree oil, the best thing for it sometimes, is to leave it alone. Which to me, at first, seemed counterproductive since the goal is to eliminate the pimple as quickly as possible. However, I’ve noticed my skin reacts well to not being doused in a million acne fighting serums and gels. Overtreating may exacerbate the issue and irritate your skin further. Yikes! The cheapest and simplest beauty product that makes my skin super happy is water. I’m convinced water is my skin’s best friend! It eliminates toxins and removes impurities from your body while hydrating it too. I like to add lemon to my water for an antioxidant boost. Lastly, as I’ve mentioned before, recommendations aren’t a cure all to your skin troubles, and what works for someone else could make your skin react negatively. In some instances, recommendations can be helpful and indeed life altering! On the other hand, based on your skin type and what kind of skin issues you have, practices and products that make someone else’s skin happy, might make yours angry. May your skin be happy and healthy!

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