Start Your Day Right

For me, mornings are almost always hectic. I’m chronically late almost everywhere I go. Even when I try to leave myself ample time to get ready, I end up getting a little too comfortable and then rushing to grab miscellaneous things and sprint out the door. You can usually find me flailing around the house putting on earrings, setting my makeup, and quickly spritzing myself with perfume, all while furiously checking the time. The very last thing I do before leaving, is flash to the kitchen to leave cat food for my adorable, apple of my eye, cat, Leonardo. Anyway, I have three essential things I do every morning that ensure I have a great day. No matter how late I am. Going to the gym before the sun is up, eating breakfast (most important one) and having coffee or black tea when I get to work. I purposely made sure doing these things is easily achievable and simple since I’m constantly tardy when I leave the house.

The most important way I start my day right is by making time for breakfast. Breakfast is so important to me, I cannot begin my day unless I eat something. Hanger will consume me; it is not pretty. Even if it’s a quick breakfast on the go, I need something to eat when I start my day. Sometimes I will be eating as I drive, which yes, I admit probably isn’t the safest thing to do while behind the wheel, however I have become a skilled on the go eater, so I convince myself it’s fine. Furthermore, going to the gym at 5:30 am at least three times a week, pretty much guarantees that I will be in a great mood all day. All those endorphins keep me radiating positive energy throughout the day! The final thing I do to start my day right is make a strong cup of coffee as soon as I get to work. It’s nice to have a little boost to get me focused, in the zone, and productive! Sometimes I opt for black tea instead of coffee depending on how I’m feeling.

In addition to the things mentioned above, I’ve recently added a multivitamin to my daily herb regiment and now incorporate that into my morning routine. PhytoMulti by Metagenics includes thirteen concentrated extracts and phytonutrients that support normal cell function and DNA stability in immune cells. It consists of vitamin b-12, thiamin and riboflavin. I started taking this multivitamin because sometimes I’m not the most consistent with my other herbs unfortunately. I forget to take them, life gets in the way, or sometimes I’m just flat out lazy. However, taking PhytoMulti in the morning ensures I get a beneficial blend of nutrients daily. I always remember to take my multivitamin because it requires you take it with food; so, I’ll have it immediately after eating breakfast. The other herbs I take are best taken without food, which is most likely why I forget to take them.

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