Nutty Nut Butters

Growing up, peanut butter was a staple of my childhood, in the most scrumptious way. I’m referring to the classic peanut butter and jelly sandwich that was the star of my school lunches. I think the quintessential school lunch was a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Also, I firmly believe that peanut butter has got to be the most nostalgic sandwich ingredient. As wonderful, tasty, and familiar peanut butter is, there’s a plethora of other nut butters that are just as yummy and healthy for you too!

Another nut butter that I’ve dabbled in is almond butter. Almond butter seems like a relatively common and popular nut butter enjoyed by a lot of people. I like to eat almond butter with pink lady apples; it makes for a delicious snack high in protein and fiber. Furthermore, sunflower seed butter, walnut butter, cashew butter, and soy butter are all various types of nut butters that are just as versatile, nutritious, and delicious.
Sunflower seed butter is a healthier alternative to conventional peanut butter for several reasons. It contains more unsaturated fat and twice as much fiber than peanut butter, and there’s no cholesterol in it. (Drain, 2017) Sunflower seed butter may also be a preferred nut butter for those who have a tree nut allergy. Speaking of tree nut allergies, soy nut butter is another kind of nut butter that I had no idea even existed! And you guessed it, it’s safe for people that are allergic to tree nuts.

Furthermore, another alternative to peanut butter is cashew butter. Cashew butter contains selenium, iron, monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids, and a ton of amino acids. (Paul, 2015) If you’re on a low carb, high protein diet, this is the nut butter for you. Walnut butter may be beneficial if you’re looking to lose weight since it is packed with omega-3’s. (Pavlik, 2018) I’ve got nothing but love for the great classic that is peanut butter, however sometimes it’s nice to venture out in the world of nut butters and try something new!

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