Watermelon: Fruit and Remedy All-in-One

Watermelon is a one of the best fruits for summer. Just imagine when you finish your workout in such a humid and hot summer day. If a huge bowl of icy watermelon is placed in front you, I am pretty sure you will dive in and enjoy it in no time. Watermelon is called “Natural White Tiger Decoction” in Chinese Medicine. White Tiger Decoction is a formula to treat the condition of “heat” with major symptoms of high fever, extreme thirst and sweat, and flooding pulse. Watermelon has the effect of releasing inner heat, generating fluid and moistening dryness. Thus, it is used in TCM to treat “summerheat” patterns, especially for those with significant thirst and dark, scanty urine. After eating watermelon, people will probably go to the restroom within a very brief time, and the symptom of thirst and heat will be released. The major known nutrients in watermelon are citrulline, arginine, betaine, lycopene, phytofluene, vitamin C, and more. The above diuretic effect of watermelon is probably secondary to increased synthesis of urea in the liver from the actions of citrulline and arginine.

If eating too much watermelon, someone may experience excess urination, dry throat and even nosebleed. This could be the “side effect” of watermelon if overeaten. This is because too much urination canconsume more fluid (Yin essence) of the body, and the condition of fluid depletion will result in Yin deficiency.

Another caution should be taken is not to eat the icy watermelon right after it is taken out of the refrigerator. This could be harmful to the Yang of the body and create a big burden to the digestion system. Someone may have the symptoms of catching a cold or even diarrhea after eating ice cold watermelon. For the most benefit, it is best to eat a moderate amount of watermelon at room temperature.

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