Why Lutein is an Important Carotenoid

Lutein is a carotenoid that is widely known for its beneficial properties for vision. Specifically, it decreases the incidence of macular degeneration and cataracts.2 However now there’s evidence regarding lutein’s association with reducing the risk of contracting cardiometabolic diseases.2 Cardiometabolic diseases include the following: hypertension, impaired glucose and lipid metabolism, excess belly fat, and inflammation.3 Higher lutein consumption is strongly related to reductions in cardiometabolic disease due to lutein levels being associated with supporting normal blood lipid levels, especially in regards to higher HDL cholesterol.2 All of these conditions increase the risk of a person having a heart attack or stroke. Furthermore, in addition to preventing cardiometabolic diseases, lutein also aids in protecting cells from free radical damage by providing antioxidant support. Another benefit in taking this super carotenoid is that it supports normal vision function, as stated earlier, by protecting the rods in the retina of the eye from the harmful effects of high-energy spectrum light and oxygen, which the eyes are victim to more than other part of the body.

Besides ingesting lutein in supplement form, you can also reap its benefits from consuming a wide variety of foods such as egg yolks, kale, corn, kiwi, grapes, zucchini, and other green leafy vegetables.1 Lutein by Douglas Labs contains lutein as well as zeaxanthin which is another important carotenoid. Incorporate lutein in your supplement regiment for optimum eye and cardiometabolic health!

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