Getting Active and Staying Fit

I am so passionate about health and fitness. My true passion however, is undoubtedly fitness. Those who know me have deemed me a fitness fanatic, gym freak, and even a workout maniac. To which I proudly beam, “that’s me!”. I think I’m the happiest driving to and from the gym, which sounds kind of weird, but its true! The rush of energy I feel when I know I’m about to go to the gym is indescribable. And don’t get me started on when I’m on my way home from the gym. All those endorphins have me in the best mood and everything feels and looks amazing. It’s as if many of my senses are heightened. I find myself embarrassingly dancing and singing along off-key to whatever music is on. That post workout jam session on the drive home is full of positive vibes and high energy!

However, sometimes when life gets hectic, I don’t get to go to the gym as much as I’d like but that’s alright. I just jump back on the horse when I’m able and have time. But I always find my way back to the gym! If I don’t go to the gym, and a few days have passed, I become irritable and moody. Which is yet another odd gym related fact about me. I often wonder if that is normal and just convince myself since I’m a gym addict, it must be normal. Anyway, I typically strive to work out four to five times a week, with two rest days. I do strength training primarily with weights. When I first began working out I used to solely focus on lower body, which is a huge mistake. Lower body and abs were my go to in college. But now that I’m older and more knowledgeable, (at least I think I am) in the fitness realm, I work out upper body at least twice a week. It’s important to me, as a woman, to have the ability to lift and carry heavy items without someone’s help. Help is always wonderful, but sometimes it will just be you so being able to lift heavy things, is a useful skill that goes a long way in my opinion. Furthermore, developing my upper body: triceps, chest, biceps, back, and shoulders allows me to not just be capable of lifting miscellaneous heavy items, but feeling stronger as well.

I choose to workout religiously because I view my body as my temple. I’ve only got one body, and so far it’s working the way it should be and I’m so incredibly grateful for that. So, I like to take special care of it by exercising and treating it nicely! At the same time, I don’t overwork my body either. If I’m too sore one day, I will skip the gym. I believe listening to your body is crucial and very important. After my workouts, I always have a protein shake but I also take Amino Complex  for muscle recovery after my workouts. It’s a mix of different essential amino acids that comes in a powder form that you blend into water. Amino Complex is useful to have on hand after a workout to rev up the recovery process. Also, the fact that it tastes yummy is a nice added bonus; the one I have is lemon flavored. It also comes in a berry flavor as well.

When I’m not exercising in the gym, another way I stay active is by hiking in the wilderness. I enjoy hikes because the greenery is immensely aesthetically pleasing. Also, it’s nice to get somewhat lost in the woods and sort of disconnect from everything once in a while. I never go hiking alone however, just in case someone is on a kidnapping quest. I always have a hiking buddy and a cellphone. I guess I’m not completely disconnected. Anyway, whatever way you choose to get active and stay fit, be safe and have fun!

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