Antioxidant Rich Avocado Oil

As I’m sure you’re well aware, coconut oil has been used for pretty much everything under the sun in the last couple of years. I remember using coconut oil for virtually any ailment and it working like a charm. I used to marinate my life in coconut oil, I was such a coconut oil fanatic. Nowadays however, I’ve been hearing a lot about how avocado oil is the new coconut oil. Avocado oil offers a variety of benefits. It’s rich in oleic acid, may reduce cholesterol, contains a lot of lutein, may enhance the absorption of important nutrients, may reduce the symptoms associated with arthritis, may help prevent gum disease, revamps skin and enhances wound healing, and neutralizes free radicals. (Palsdottir, 2016) Yes please! Oleic acid is an omega-9 fatty acid which is beneficial for heart health. Furthermore, lutein is an antioxidant that is helpful for maintaining eye health. (Palsdottir, 2016) I love oil, so naturally I had to try avocado oil for myself to see what all the buzz was about.

I’m immensely into skincare. Avocado oil has a lot of benefits in terms of skincare. I’ve used it as a sugar scrub in the shower and it’s worked wonders in making my skin as smooth and sleek as a baby’s bottom. The sugar scrub I use is incredibly simple and can be made at home! All you need is avocado oil and some turbinado sugar. I like to use one-part avocado oil and one part turbinado, so the scrub contains equal amounts of each ingredient. It doesn’t matter how much you use of each as long as it’s equal increments. To use the sugar scrub, simply apply it all over your body while you’re in the shower and wash it off. I like to use a brush with boar bristles to really get in there and exfoliate my skin completely before washing it off. After the first time I used this homemade scrub, I noticed my skin was insanely soft, I was shocked that only a couple of ingredients from my kitchen had transformed my skin. I highly recommend this easy scrub it’s made my skin super smooth and soft!

Furthermore, besides applying topically to the skin, you can cook with avocado oil as well. Drizzling over a salad or some veggies before baking or roasting them are both great options of how to incorporate this healthy oil into your diet. Whether you want to use it for skincare or cook with it, try it out and see for yourself! Avocado oil is a nice choice if you’re into oils and looking to switch it up with a new one.

Palsdottir, Hrefna (2016) Healthline. 9 Evidence Based Health Benefits of Avocado Oil.

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