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Anti-Aging Tips for Men

June 2, 2015 – 8:24 am | 2,049 views

Anti-aging and longevity tips for men include both natural and TCM approaches.  Issues that men often experience as they age include hair loss or thinning, reduced energy, decreased erectile function, and lowered sexual drive.
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June is National Men’s Health Month

June 1, 2015 – 11:32 am | 1,867 views

National Men’s Health Month reminds men that their health should take a front seat in their lives.  Statistically men tend to overlook health when caught up in their busy lifestyles; however, there are simple changes …

TCM Approach to Sexual Wellness in Men and Women

June 3, 2014 – 7:00 am | 2,996 views

An active sexual life is an important aspect of overall well-being as we age. Sometimes the aging process can deplete us of libido, sexual desire, normal sexual function, and jing essence which is stored in …

Prostate Health: Natural and TCM Approaches

June 3, 2014 – 6:54 am | 2,850 views

An important part to men’s health in a healthy prostate. There are many natural and traditional Chinese medicine approaches to support your prostate function. The prostate is a gland which lies at the base of the …