Blood Sugar Balance

This month is Diabetes Awareness month. Reading the statistics from the American Diabetes Association website and one quickly realizes that diabetes is an epidemic seriously effecting our society. Unfortunately, our mainstream medical model and our cultural influences at large are doing no favors to…

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  • This article was a great read. It was very informative. I am looking for natural remedies to help my husband battle diabetes. He has a lot of sugar level drops, mostly occurring in the middle of the night. He follows his diet plan pretty good, only occassionally straying, so it is frustrating to him to have the drops as frequently as he does. I am definitely going to share this article with him. Thank you so much.

    • Hi Pam,
      Glad the article was helpful. You may want to join our Acupuncture Atlanta facebook page as we post a lot of current research there as well. Thanks for your posting.

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