Vitamin D, nervous system, and aging

Scientists’ knowledge regarding the effects of Vitamin D3 has increased significantly in recent decades. This vitamin is essential in providing the human hormonal system with a precursor to producing calcipherol hormones, which are active metabolites. Calcipherol hormones include calcidiol, which is primarily synthesized in the liver and skin. This group also includes calcitriol, which is synthesized in the kidney and other tissues, and 24-calcitriol, which is synthesized in various tissues (Tuohimaa et al., S278). It has been hypothesized that all hydroxylated forms of calcipherol can bind to the Vitamin D receptor (VDR) to regulate gene expression (Tuohimaa et al, S278).
Hormonal systems are dependent on endogenous supplies of Vitamin D3. In particular, the calcipherol hormone system is dependent on exogenous sun-induced or dietary Vitamin D3. The thyroid is dependent on dietary iodine and retinoic acid is dependent on dietary Vitamin A. Scientists also believe that calcipherol hormones are not only important for bone development, but are also instrumental in preventing the onset of several diseases related to aging (Tuohimaa et al., S279).

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